Beau Nuage - L'Original Umbrellas - Starlit Yellow

Beau Nuage - L'Original Umbrellas - Starlit Yellow

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Beau Nuage have designed a revolutionary solution that will make your life easier (and drier) when it rains: the first drying umbrella cover!  Thanks to its 3-layer technology and microfiber lining, the cover enables you to put your wet umbrella into a bag or a pocket and keep it dry

L'Original is their best-selling umbrella, with its handle made from GEL, the ergonomic handle that remembers the shape of your hand giving you a comfortable and firm grip

  • Available in 5 colours
  • Matching case
  • Folded umbrella size: 20.5cm
  • Weight of the umbrella inside the cover: 350g
  • Style Code: L'Original
NB. Each Beau Nuage has its own unique name! You can find it on the back of its label...

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